Instant In-House Training Request

If you are looking for a specific or niche programme, let us know what it is and we will come back to you with your request or suggest related programmes. After all, one of our specialisations is programme customisation!
  • Marcus Evens
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Strategy & Leadership
Translating strategy from conception to execution & developing effective leadership skills.
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Ensuring financial maturity throughout your organisation.
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Supply Chain
Optimising all the links in your supply chain for maximum efficiency.
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Business Development
Growing your market share with synergistic sales, marketing and CRM strategies.
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Technical Departments & IT
Driving your technology and technical expertise with latest best practices.
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Governance, Risk and Compliance
Complying with the dictates of your organisation’s code of corporate governance and risk management.
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Ensuring legal competency for effective contract development & regulatory compatibility.
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Human Resources
Developing your workforce with the soft skills and HR competencies to be a truly effective organisation.
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Engineering and Maintenance
Exploring new ideas and adopting innovative engineering strategies to maximise the effectiveness of your operations.
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Project Management
Establishing a solid framework for consistently managing successful projects by drawing up a comprehensive Project Management Plan.
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Health and Safety
Enhance your strategies for maintaining your employees' health and well-being.
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Special Programmes
IIHC also specialises in providing unique programmes which enables our clients an option to travel, individual niche coachin as well as assist companies with their Learning & Development programmes.
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