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Effectively Managing your Internal Audit Function

In the current climate of changing and increasing corporate governance requirements, organisations are relying more on the independent and objective assurance provided by the Internal Audit function. They are requiring more from Internal Audit without necessarily increasing the budget! The success of an internal audit function is highly dependent on the skills, competencies and experience of the senior staff – including the Head of Internal Audit and the managers. Yet there are very few training courses available that specifically address these issues. This two day intensive and interactive course will focus on many of the challenges facing Heads of Internal Audit and Internal Audit Managers in keeping their functions abreast of key changes and complying with best practice Internal Audit requirements.
We know the theory of how to manage our staff and other stakeholders, but sometimes, when things become stressful, we forget the tools and techniques we can use. During this course, in a relaxed environment, you will be reminded of your role and the tools and techniques that you may use to deliver this in the most efficient and effective manner. Through the use of case studies, group discussions and role play exercises, you will have the opportunity to practice some new ideas and techniques in a risk free environment.


This course is specifically geared towards Internal Audit directors and managers,
people who have spent some time in internal audit and who are looking to refocus
on and update their current skills and knowledge levels.
You will be updated on new and emerging issues of particular importance to
internal audit managers and directors enabling you to return to the workplace and
share these with your staff. Specifically you will become more aware of:
• The role and relationships of the Head of Internal Audit/Internal Audit Manager
including those with the Audit Committee
• Working with rather than as a substitute for External Audit
• Understanding recent corporate governance requirements
• Developing the right strategy for your function using risk based internal auditing
• Building and managing the right relationships within your organisation
• Marketing and raising the profile of Internal Audit
• Carrying out a skills audit on the function
• Managing the function effectively incorporating key areas such as recruitment,
retention, staff envelopment, relationship management and listening skills

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