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Strategy & Leadership


The Dynamic Presenter - Advanced Presentation Skills

Learning new ideas, models and concepts and enhancing your presentation skills

All the great speakers were bad speakers at first.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Key Benefits of this training include:

  • Practising delivery and gaining objective feedback from video role-play and analysis
  • Overcoming nervousness, negative feelings and anxiety
  • Exploring innovative ways of delivering your presentations
  • Developing a strategy and structure for a dynamic presentation
  • Focusing attention on the key issues and generating audience interest and acceptance of your message
  • Making more polished and powerful presentations using voice, tone and body language to maximise impact, persuasion and effectiveness
  • Developing skills to ensure your message is understood, persuasive and remembered

Why this training is crucial for your organisation :

    This programme is designed to accommodate the needs of all adult learning styles. Using a range of individual and group learning combined with theory and videoed presentations delegates will be able to develop their skills and confidence by a variety of learning methods.

    The experience in this presentations skills training is as close as you can get to having a personal, public speaking coach. You present at least three times over the course of two days. Your presentations are recorded and evaluated. And you get expert one- on-one coaching at the end of each presentation. Delegates attending are encouraged to bring with them a ‘live’ presentation that they are working on. The workshop environment will provide a dynamic forum in which to apply the real time learning and practise the presentation before returning to the workplace.

Who should attend?

  • Senior Management
  • Middle management
  • Junior Management
  • Supervisors
  • Directors
  • All those wishing to improve their presentation skills

Participant Testimonials

"Trainer no doubt had an excellent delivery and was definitely dynamic. Parts about introductions, endings, and behaviour styles matched my expectations. I should have done this course much earlier! Really enjoyed it."

Marketing Director, Technicolor Home Entertainment Services

"Great presentations and good fun"

Chief Legal Officer and Company Secretary, Ardagh Group

"Perfectly structured, and contains all the elements you need to refresh and learn for future presentations."

Director, Loan Syndication, RB International

"Excellent delivery style, engaging, supportive and encouraging. A lot of ground was covered, it was tailored to the groups needs. There was a marked improvement from day 1 to day 2 in my presentation."

Manager, Grant Thornton

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