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Human Resources


Strategic Workforce Planning - A Practical Approach

Lean how to create a quantified data driven SWFP via practical advice, case studies and examples

Strategic Workforce Planning is a necessity, not a 'nice to have'.

Head, Berwick Talent Solutions

Key Benefits of this training include:

  • Understand Strategic Workforce Planning and why it is important for HR
  • Identify the data they need to begin planning a Strategic Workforce Plan
  • Analyse data to best develop a practical Strategic Workforce Plan
  • Define a Strategic Workforce Planning Technique and Action Plan through practical tools and support of HR professionals
  • Incorporate a cornerstone for HR strategy to support the business and its strategy
  • Measure the effectiveness of your Strategic Workforce Action Plan
  • Develop a well-delivered SWFP to save time and money

Why this training is crucial for your organisation :

    HR is often involved too late in the strategic business process when important decisions which affect talent supply have already been made. If HR is to be the centre of strategic thinking around Human Capital planning, it is important that HR professionals are involved at an early stage. Part of the toolkit to cement a ‘seat at the strategy table’ is properly quantified SWFP containing reliable data, quantified plans and measurable deliverables. This course gives you the confidence, knowledge and practical support to plan and measure your SWFP and to clearly outline to the business the impact of strategy on the time, cost and amount of people resources required. It allows HR to guide and positively influence the business via a quantified approach showing true Human Capital market understanding.

    This marcus evans course will provide case studies and practical data to allow you to learn how to use available data to create measurable and deliverable SWFP outcomes. You will work through examples of how to explain and measure the business value of a well-defined SWFP.

Who should attend?

  • Talent Management
  • CHROs
  • Recruitment
  • Talent Acquisition
  • Human Resources
  • HR Tech/IS
  • Business leaders

Participant Testimonials

"Caroline is a true SWFP expert. She has always managed to explain the strategic impact for organisations and what importance the right SWFP can and will bring to the organisations by showing practical examples of how to deliver an actionable, as well as measurable plans to secure the company’s workforce both short -mid- and long term"

CHRO, Adecco Group

"Caroline combines deep knowledge with a ‘can do’ attitude. She takes the time to explain the ‘why’ as well as the ’what and how’ around SWFP. She is very knowledgeable, approachable, and able to translate complex information and ideas into practical solutions."

Global Human Resource Director, Essity

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