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Effective Litigation and Legal Drafting Skills

Adding value to your organisation by transforming overall departmental performance

This training presents a vital opportunity for the legal team of the Competition Commission of South Africa to enhance and develop litigation and legal drafting skills in alignment with the Competition Act of South Africa. Participants will discover the latest practical strategies and success stories of the industry.This training course, expertly led by a knowledgeable trainer, will use case examples and exercises to explore best practice.

The participants would benefit from the following:
• Streamlining of organisational and legal strategies by creating uniformity of approach and structure writing as a team.
• Understanding the principles and differences of legislative drafting and writing
• Improve litigation and drafting of pleadings, notices and legal correspondences
• Employing effective listening and questioning skills to solicit key and useful information to address competition issues. Developing the besttechnical skills to defend any technical challenges brought against the Commission

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