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Governance, Risk and Compliance


Effective Corporate Governance

Directorship is more than a source of information; it’s a resource for understanding the forces that drive governance and how boards will operate going forward

People get religion of sorts about ethics and corporate governance in down markets. When things are going well, they tend to forget about it.

James A. Allen

Key Benefits of this Training:

  • Receive practical advice on meeting obligations and avoiding personal liability
  • Enhance the strategies of your company so that it will be able to compete on a regional level
  • Demystify corporate governance elements and turning it into strategic advantage and organisational effectiveness
  • Increase the transparency and accountability of a company for the benefit of stakeholders and shareholders
  • Monitor internal controls and implement dynamic risk strategies
  • Achieve optimal reputation risk management
  • Develop a formidable board of directors in your organisation
  • Evaluate your responsibilities in relation to mergers and acquisitions

Why this training is crucial for your organisation :

    The days of inactive boards are over. New energy is stirring in corporate boards. After years when accounting scandals and charges of inadequate governance put them on the defensive, directors are looking to step up their engagement with core areas of corporate performance and value creation. By attending this training, delegates will enhance their knowledge on key areas of corporate governance and responsibilities. You will understand your liabilities to optimise protection and also key areas of corporate governance which will include corporate transparency, operational visibility, risk management and corporate strategies.
   You will get to examine the relationship between a director's duties with corporate governance, as well as some risk management strategies under the new business climates. This will help you to ensure shareholder's value, increase investor's confidence in your company, and finally to compete on a regional level.

Who should attend?

This programme is developed for both managers and staff within the respective functions of an organisation’s supply chain. CEOs, COOs, Vice Presidents, Directors, General Managers, Managers, Senior Executives and Specialists of:
  • Directors & Board Members
  • Audit Committee members
  • Company secretaries and governance professionals
  • Corporate counsel
  • Senior company management
  • Investors and fund managers
  • Analysts
  • Securities exchange officials
  • Regulators
  • Lawyers & legislators

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