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How to Launch New Products Successfully

Developing strategies to successfully launch, implement, and review a new product launch to bring return on investment

People are in such a hurry to launch their product or business that they seldom look at marketing from a bird's eye view and they don't create a systematic plan.

Dave Ramsey

Key Benefits of this training include:

  • Deliver successful product launches while avoiding or overcoming the most common pitfalls and problems
  • Develop a new product strategy and a product launch plan that delivers the best possible product launch
  • Set-up and use product launch teams to gain support for your product internally and implement your launch plan
  • Design a better product launch process
  • Identify the type of product you are launching, the position it has in your organistion’s product portfolio and the implications of this for a successful new product launch
  • Assess your product and its market so you can identify who to target at each stage of product launch to be successful
  • Position the new product correctly through identifying the value the product delivers for customers and your organisation
  • Develop support for the new product inside and outside of your organisation
  • Choose appropriate communication tools for your new launch, including consideration of social media
  • Build a product launch dashboard or scorecard and use it to manage pre and post launch

Why this training is crucial for your organisation :

    With the competitiveness of the market, and it easier than ever to find new products, it is even more important to launch a new product in a memorable, impactful manner. The launch provides you the opportunity to introduce key stakeholders, customers, and partners to the new product, however, many institutions have limited knowledge and experience of how to launch successfully, increasing costs, wasting resources, and squandering the opportunity to develop business. Institutions need to understand the best way to launch products in the current environment to ensure they remain competitive, whilst managing costs.

    This course has been designed to help you deliver successful launches. It uses a combination of research and practical experience of what can go wrong and what it takes to get things right. It will enable you to effectively plan, run, and evaluate the success of a product launch to ensure high return on investment and the development of vital business opportunities.

Who should attend?

  • Product Management
  • Portfolio Management
  • Product Marketing
  • Marketing
  • Areas responsible for Bringing new Products to Market

Participant Testimonials

"Very good in bringing the story, productive discussions. Content was very dedicated and complete. Instructive, revealing new ways to look at my job and responsibilities."

Product Manager, Nuance Communications

"Good examples, practical references drawn from the experience of the trainer. A lot of exercises made the course lively."

Product Manager, Sony