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Advanced Financial Modelling

Effectively interpreting core business objectives for accurate financial predictions

All management is financial management.

Astian Calitz

Key Benefits of this training include:

  • Developing a high-end, user friendly model to make informed decisions based on outweighing the risk and benefits (using either MS Excel or MS Access)
  • Designing an analysis worksheet and maintaining a comprehensive log of data for your model
  • Incorporating leading protective tools to your model to systematically avoid tampering with existing data
  • Gaining valuable provision for flexibility in your model by pioneering filters
  • Analysing and summarising the results of your model critically
  • Testing the efficiency and measuring the practicality of your model through sighting of the initial goal and objective
  • Benefiting from a comprehensive toolkit on Advanced Financial Modeling using MS Excel

Why this training is crucial for your organisation :

   In this constantly changing environment, it has become imperative for companies to equip themselves with the latest and most efficient methods that facilitate prompt and informed decision making. The move to Excel financial modeling has become a globally embraced journey that has empowered thousands of leading and small business alike. An advanced look at this mathematical tool will be woven in a manner that is both engaging and vastly instrumental for accurate predictions of an equilibrium price for your product or asset.

   This practical event is strategically divided to give an equal yet collective presentation of the different models, design and output of your financial model using MS Excel. Throughout the two days of practical exercises and interactive sessions, an advanced look at various components of financial modeling will be intensely discussed and put into practice. This interactive training workshop is strategically divided into three parts, each of which is designed to practically simulate important components of advanced financial modeling.

Who should attend?

This programme is developed for both managers and staff within the respective functions of an organisation’s supply chain. CEOs, COOs, Vice Presidents, Directors, General Managers, Managers, Senior Executives and Specialists of:
  • Heads of:
    • Strategic Development
    • Human Resources
    • Business Development
    • Marketing
    • Operations
  • Financial Managers
  • Chartered Accountants
  • Financial Officers
  • Financial and Business Analysts
  • Financial Controllers
  • Business and Strategy Development Analysts
  • Financial Project Managers/Administrators
  • Management / Cost / Technical / Financial / Project Accountants

Participant Testimonials

"This course was very good, very attractive, the trainer knows how to keep the trainees busy!"

Accountant, Swissport Tanzania (2012)

"Very good, excellent presenter, good materials."

Chief Financial Officer, Swissport Tanzania

"The programme was very useful, and we look forward to having more trainings organized by the IIHC"

Human Resource Director, Triangle Ltd., Zimbabwe

Past Client(s)

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