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Effective Sales Strategies by Customer Focus Management

Ensuring customer loyalty by managing superior customer focus management levels throughout the entire organisation.

They saw that when a customer came in for an oil change, if they didn't provide the best service, they were putting $332,000 at risk.

W. Earl Sasser Jr.

Key Benefits of this training include:

  • Changing one's personal mind-set and orientation towards successful selling.
  • Be effective in the art of selling by learning to incorporate the concept of CRM in their client management inadvertently improving customer retention.
  • Improving focus on the team alignment that will open communication channels within the organisation, and continuum of the practice will eliminate silo mentality within your organisation.
  • Adopting a strategic CRM approach in sales process, customer segmentation and customer retention.
The programme is a concise well-planned intervention that should benefit both experienced and novice sales people. On completion of the programme each individual will have developed a unique before, during, and after sales strategy.

Why this training is crucial for your organisation:

   Customer-orientation, customer-centricity, and customer relationship management (CRM) are not new concepts or practices. These all come under the umbrella of Customer Focus Management. These practices are widely adopted by organisations in the complexity of a globalisation age, where consumer demands and expectations has shaped an ‘I want it now’ society . To remain at the competitive edge, organisation now sees the need to innovate, and to enter into commitment in being customer-focused at first point of contact with their customers.

   This course is designed to teach the Sales Frontline/ Distrubtors as well as the key leaders of the organisation to cultivate a customer-focused behavior proactively , and to demonstrate a genuine commitment towards customer focus. An important strategy and element in creating a customer focus culture lies in the ability of an organisation to engage their employees in providing customer solutions. The ‘Service-Profit Chain’ demonstrates that high employee satisfaction shall turn to profitability and growth.

   This session shall allow managers and employees to communicate and coordinate their actions, serving as a platform to align the team collectively responsible to create a desired cross-silo outcome.

Who should attend?

This program is developed for both those in leadership roles within the business development / distribution function. Key roles that should attend include:

  • Sales personnel
  • Business development / Distribution managers / Stakeholders
  • Sales supervisors and managers
  • Marketing managers and practitioners

Participant Testimonials

Really enjoyed the proficiency of the material the trainer has provided while tackling hot issues in the marketplace.

Mr. Abojange Mbode, Managing Director, Kenya Refinery Ltd.

The training is excellent. Interesting delivery and a great communicator!

Peter Williams, Prolific Consulting Pte Ltd.

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