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Fundamentals for Finance Professionals

Interpreting crucial financial analysis in ways that enable an executive to rise as an excellent strategic advisor and improve personal effectiveness for productive corporate contribution
Managers of companies make decisions based on financial information provided to them. Whether the decision is to secure funding, assess the company’s performance, invest in new business, or increase shareholders’ value, Managers need to understand the flow of financial resources, the fundamentals of finance and how to use the financial information and tools effectively. These tasks, already difficult even for practitioners, can pose significant challenges for Managers who are not trained in finance and have little exposure to the field. New tools, new technologies, cutting edge financial instruments and sophisticated techniques do not make their work any easier.  This training that is designed for the participants to understand the fundamentals and further apply what they know experientially. This training is useful for executives of finance who wish to remain current on the subject as it is designed to help organisations in discussions on matters involving finance, speak with a common vocabulary, ask the right questions and make better financial decisions for the organisation.
  • Analyse and interpret financial statement with insight into sustainability
  • Use key performance indicators to measure operational performance
  • Apply forecasting principles for planning and control
  • Follow the allocation of costs to products for production scheduling
  • Determine cash flow and plan for sustainable liquidity
  • Build a cost-volume-profit model to determine break-even with sensitivity
  • Grasp the fundamental principles of working capital management
  • Make financing choices between debt, equity and leasing
  • Prepare long term project proposals using NPV and IRR

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