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Distribution and Channel Management

Creating, executing and motivating effective initiatives that will lead to an increase in business development activities that result in further sales
 Selling is the process of helping someone discover something of value. The ‘salesperson’ of today is required to possess a whole range of skills in order to be effective. More is being asked of less. Good business practice is therefore imperative just to keep up with your competitors. In this programme designed for Wataniya, we examine some ‘basic’ and advanced skills, but as they say common sense is not common practice.

This course is designed with an emphasis on dealing effectively with the customer (client) in order to promote ongoing company-customer relationships. It is vitally important that the customer understands that they are important and that we are concerned about doing something to meet their needs and solve their problems. This training program is by design interactive and its content meets the needs of all employees today.
  • Effectively bring together the brand and product development ideas to maximise new business
  • Focus on the needs and business objectives of the various internal customers within the organisation
  • Harness the six marketing questions to create and strengthen their approach to marketing strategy
  • Develop an understanding of the needs of the customer and how to satisfy those needs
  • Effectively develop the relationship with the sales teams to meet the company’s business objectives
  • To expose those sales executives to the additional skills of engaging customers, identifying customer needs, effectively selling to those needs, and closing the sale

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