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  • Marcus Evens
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Business Development

Growing your market share with synergistic sales, marketing and CRM strategies. GENERAL MARKETING AND BRANDING
Competitive and Strategic Pricing in Turbulent Times
Driving businesses forward through the deployment of effective pricing strategies as a strategic tool to captivate the price savvy customers in a volatile market
Consumer Insights and Shopper Marketing: From Insights to Activation and Execution
The consumer market in Asia is booming and has led to foreign investments and changes in shopper demographics. The competition level in the urban markets has gone to such an extent that there is a tough fight among the marketers to impress and attract shoppers within that shortest span of time spared by a shopper to look at a product. Shoppers today are influenced by plethora of brands and spoilt for choice. A study by Deloitte stated that about 3,000 marketing messages a day reach the average consumers and over 20,000 SKUs await shoppers in the supermarket. Shoppers are overloaded with information and messages to the point where they feel overwhelmed, confused and even tired. Trends have shown to include the use of “multi-sensory experiences” for shoppers. Retailers and brand owners can only capture the dollars of shoppers when they hit bull’s eye in understanding and going into the minds of shoppers through effective insights. This inhouse training will benefit marketers in under
How to Launch New Products Successfully
Developing strategies to successfully launch, implement, and review a new product launch to bring return on investment
Strategic Business Development, Planning and Implementation Series
Charting a long-term business development plan within a local market through global industry best practice. The Strategic Business Development, Planning & Implementation Series is a thorough competency development module that aims to bring together different elements of experiential learning to specifically ensure participants take ownership for ensuring the commercial success of their individual business units and portfolios of products and services. This program takes the extra stride to create projects and follow up assignments after each of the two day workshop segments. Consistency and flow of knowledge from one workshop to the other is maintained throughout the series with follow up and action plans. This allows the creation of an environment that reinforces accountability, creativity, passion and commitment to achieve strategically developed business plans.

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