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Change Management

Achieving business excellence by capitalizing on leading people, transforming organisations and becoming an “agent for change”
Corporate restructuring due to mergers, acquisitions, and demergers are pervasive. Much of the attention has been focused on the dollars involved and the financial packages put together to effect them. Little attention has been given to the human resource management implications of such restructuring processes. This training is focused on the impact of these restructurings on individual employee stress and on various human resource management functions. The role the HR division plays during a crucial time like this is critical and as such, the proper skills and strategies to ensure a smooth moving transition is facilitated have been detailed in the training. The training also covers in detail the essentials of change management, and how to develop strong change management competencies within the organization to achieve and maintain a competitive advantage. Understanding the cycle of change and how it may be facilitated to achieve individual and organizational goals is the key to change management.
  • Awareness of the need to apply change management process and principles
  • Discovery of how to reduce turnover and loss of valued employees
  • Acceleration of the implementation of change by means of application of some key models/ tools in managing change
  • Enhanced capabilities in goal and objective setting, defining and documenting processes, selecting and applying management metrics
  • Development of a proactive and skilled approach to managing personal, departmental, team-based and organizational changes 

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