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Business Development


Strategic Business Development, Planning and Implementation Series

Charting a long-term business development plan within a local market through global industry best practice. The Strategic Business Development, Planning & Implementation Series is a thorough competency development module that aims to bring together different elements of experiential learning to specifically ensure participants take ownership for ensuring the commercial success of their individual business units and portfolios of products and services. This program takes the extra stride to create projects and follow up assignments after each of the two day workshop segments. Consistency and flow of knowledge from one workshop to the other is maintained throughout the series with follow up and action plans. This allows the creation of an environment that reinforces accountability, creativity, passion and commitment to achieve strategically developed business plans.
The pharmaceutical and medical device market is undergoing continuous change. On the demand side, there are shifts in power between different types of customers (physicians, patients, payers), and changing expectations towards the industry. On the industry side, cost pressures and thinning pipelines trigger mergers and acquisitions, while changes in technology, regulation and globalisation favour the entry of only the best of new competitors. Competition from generics and pricing pressures in the healthcare market continue to create pressures for reduction in costs in all parts of the pharmaceutical value chain. Patent protection loss will generally siphon off sales as steeply as 70% within a year. Thus, pharmaceutical companies embark on various strategies, limited though they may be, to meet with these challenges that may encompass aggressive marketing and promotions, partnerships and mergers and diversity in product development. Economic forces too are a catalyst in the burgeoning industry. In particular, governments are spearheading all efforts in a bid to cap healthcare spending whilst insurance giants are pushing for the declassification of certain prescriptions.

This series will benefit those who are or will be managing a pharmaceutical product portfolio and who need to get a clear understanding of the industry specific best practices. The course is also designed for business unit managers product/ marketing / business development / sales personnel who are involved in pre and post- launch planning and ongoing management of the commercialisation of products.

Benefits of Attending This Training :
• Design a working business strategy proposal with respect their designated business units
• Benchmark their current position with that of other industry players
• Design and implement their strategies in accordance to current company culture and dynamics
• Identify niche positions in the changing medical devices industry and specific issues pertaining to their products
• Strengthen their market and environment position by being a ahead using CI(competitive intelligence) tactics
• Fortify current positions to flank competitive blocking
• Leverage brand assets within the global context and apply it to the local competitive landscape
• Align strategy with tactics to amplify share of voice
• Sharpen tactical emphasis with a link to measuring outcomes
• Rollout a messaging platform relevant to the product and categories identified
• Discover the best practices in product lifecycle strategy based on products in the participants’ portfolio
• Re-allign operations to create a long term sustainable model for the organisation
• Retaining and growing the current client base through repeat business through enhanced Customer Experience Management
• Provide value added services alongside their current portfolio of services to retain and maintain market share

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