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  • Marcus Evens
Competitive and Strategic Pricing in Turbulent Times
Driving businesses forward through the deployment of effective pricing strategies as a strategic tool to captivate the price savvy customers in a volatile market
Strategic Business Development, Planning and Implementation Series
Charting a long-term business development plan within a local market through global industry best practice. The Strategic Business Development, Planning & Implementation Series is a thorough competency development module that aims to bring together different elements of experiential learning to specifically ensure participants take ownership for ensuring the commercial success of their individual business units and portfolios of products and services. This program takes the extra stride to create projects and follow up assignments after each of the two day workshop segments. Consistency and flow of knowledge from one workshop to the other is maintained throughout the series with follow up and action plans. This allows the creation of an environment that reinforces accountability, creativity, passion and commitment to achieve strategically developed business plans.
Strategic Thinking and Decision Making
Essential skills, tools and methodologies for making the right strategic decisions whilst managing uncertainty and risks
Strategic Thinking for Business Development Professionals
Re-framing business decisions to adapt to changing scenarios by effectively rethinking your strategic paradigm. Business Development professionals are commonly type A individuals that often charge ahead full of energy and vigor in chasing their targets to ensure successful revenue generation for their business. However many of these professionals often do not step back and strategically approach their sales and marketing activities. This often leads to inertia to change, inability to see gaps in their plan and a pigeon hole mentality on short term goals that are not necessarily required to ensure their activities are productive. Through an effective strategic approach to business development planning, sales and marketing professionals are able to strengthen their hold on their markets and grow share in an increasingly competitive environment.
Strategic Workforce Planning - A Practical Approach
Lean how to create a quantified data driven SWFP via practical advice, case studies and examples
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